Speakers spotlight: Kayte McSweeney and Jay Stewart

Gendered Intelligence hacks into the Museum: a collaborative exploration of the material culture of gender diversity athe Science Museum, London

Working together to explore and critically review the Science Museum London’s gender-related medical collections a group of trans people from the Gendered Intelligence youth group in London co-curated a small display entitled What Makes Your Gender? which sought to demonstrate a shift from seeing gender only as a boy/ girl binary towards viewing gender as something much more dynamic. The speakers will reflect on the ways in which a new or alternative knowledge production comes about through such a collecting of objects as well as the curation and displaying of them. They will also consider how this particular approach or experience to producing such knowledge bears its own value and how power (and empowerment) within such knowledge production might shift and be shared (or even handed over!) through the encounter.

KMS IMAGEKayte McSweeney

Kayte McSweeney is the Object Journeys Partnership Manager at the British Museum. This programme seeks to embed community-led exhibition development practice at the museum and explore new and meaningful ways to collaborate with the public. Previously Senior Audience Advocate at the Science Museum Kayte worked advocating for the diverse needs of audiences during the development of major exhibitions. However, in recent years her work has been focused on participatory and community collaborative practice. Publications include editing Museum Participation: New Directions for Audience Collaboration, Museums etc, 2016. Ever passionate about championing valuable audience experiences, Kayte is also Chair of the Visitor Studies Group.

Twitter: @kizzykayte

Jay Stewart

Jay is co-founder of Gendered Intelligence.

Website: http://genderedintelligence.co.uk

Kayte and Jay will be speaking on day 2 of the conference

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