Speakers spotlight: Runar Jordåen and Tone Hellesund

The Norwegian Queer Archive

“The paper will present the work of the National Norwegian Queer Archive. Through archive collections, books, journals and fanzines and oral history Skeivt arkiv tells the stories of people living non-heteronormative lives and the stories of changing societal attitudes.

Queer history is about exploring the construction of deviance as well as normalcy. As a queer archive our aim is to tell stories beyond the contemporary identity constructions included in the acronym LGBT. Similar to other queer archives, Skeivt arkiv is a combination of archive, library, oral history project, online museum (especially through our online encyclopaedia ‘Skeivopedia’) and knowledge resource centre. The hybrid nature of the Queer Archive has in many ways presented a challenge to the established heritage sector. This paper will examine this and other challenges surrounding the establishment of a new queer archive in Norway.”

Runar Jordåen and Tone Hellesund

Tone Hellesund, PhD, is a professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Bergen. Hellesund has published books and articles on ‘spinsters’ 1880-1940, on homosexual suicide narratives and on the women’s movement of the 1970s. In 2012, Hellesund initiated the Norwegian Queer Archive at the University of Bergen, and currently serves as chairperson for Skeivt arkiv’s advisory board.

Runar Jordåen, PhD, has studied the construction of homosexuality in Norwegian psychiatry and criminal law in the 19th and 20th centuries. He has also co-authored an article on the persecution of homosexuals under the Nazi regime in Norway. Jordåen is currently the Academic Director of Skeivt arkiv.

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Skeivt arkiv

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Skeivt arkiv is the Norwegian archive for queer and LGBT history. Our key mission is to collect, document and communicate Norwegian and Scandinavian queer history. Skeivt arkiv is a part of the Department of Special Collections at the University Library in Bergen. Skeivt arkiv’s collections consist of personal and organizational archives as well as books and journals. Additionally, Skeivt arkiv is creating a collection of oral history video interviews which document the lives and histories of persons who have been connected to LGBT-organizations or have stories to tell about living outside of the hetero-norm. We also collect “Queer Stories”, written narratives submitted anonymously through our website.

Website: www.skeivtarkiv.n
Facebook: facebook.com/skeivtarkiv
Twitter @skeivtarkiv

Runar and Tone will be speaking on day 3 of the conference

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