Speaker spotlight: Daniel Laurin

*Contains Nudity: Experiencing the Erotic in the Queer Personal Archive

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“The Mario Prizek Archive, housed in the University of Toronto’s Media Commons, is comprised of 25 boxes of photographs, journals, letters, film and ephemera. Prizek, a television producer working for the CBC from 1951 to 1985, collected personal materials from his young adulthood until his death in 2012. His archive contains many markers of his work and success at the CBC, but, the archive also contains much more sensitive material, highlighted in the finding aid with an asterisk. “*contains nudity” serves as a non-judgmental catch-all for materials in this archive such as photographs of friends showering at the cottage in the 1970s, but also for materials that document Prizek’s sexual exploits. How can we theorize this encounter with the erotic or pornographic in the queer personal archive? By putting theories of queer archival practice in conversation with recent affective work in pornography studies, this presentation will make a case for the potentialities of arousal in our affective encounter with the archive.”

Daniel Laurin (University of Toronto)

Daniel Laurin is a PhD student at the Cinema Studies Institute and a member of the Collaborate Graduate Program in the School of Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. His dissertation focuses on straight performers in online gay pornography and the genre’s use of confession its claims to authenticity, and his research interests include porn studies, affect theory, and the queer personal archive.

Daniel will be speaking on day one of the conference.

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