Speaker spotlight: Lonneke van den Hoonaard

LH - colour_800_533In the build up to the conference we will be posting small tasters of the amazing array of speakers. Where better to start than with one of the hosts of the last ALMS conference in 2012!

eering the Collections: An introduction to a recent project of IHLIA, Amsterdam

“We set up Queering the Collections to make Dutch museums and heritage institutes aware of the importance of researching, describing, presenting and discovering the queer aspects and meanings of their collections. By ‘queer’ we mean sexual and gender identities that deviate from society’s norms for heterosexuality, masculinity and femininity. The goal of the project is to make agreements on working together to discover and actively collect artefacts from ‘queer’ heritage. We want to make queer heritage more visible in the collections of Dutch museums, archives and heritage institutes, ultimately making the collections more inclusive.

We use examples to show that nearly every collection has queer aspects or meanings, tell about inspiring queering projects that have already taken place within and outside the Netherlands, share knowledge and experience, and discuss the dilemmas that arise when queering collections.”

Lonneke van den Hoonaard (Managing Director, IHLIA, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Lonneke has worked with IHLIA as Managing Director since 2009. She has experience in managing and organizing libraries and information services. She is an expert in managing projects at the intersection of emancipation and information facilities. Lonneke worked with IHLIA’s staff on professionalization processes at IHLIA which is visible in increased public outreach. In 2016 her main focus is on the Queering the Collections project with the general heritage institutes in the Netherlands.

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IHLIA is an international LGBTI library, archive, information and documentation centre on gender and sexual diversity, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. IHLIA aims to collect, catalogue and supply LGBTI materials from the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

IHLIA was established in 1978 and has total collection of 145,000 objects, including books, photos, magazines, videos and posters.

IHLIA has a very valuable, rich and unique LGBTI collection, which is highly accessible to everyone. We operate in a culture of flexibility and diversity and are interested in each other and in our target groups. 
Through the LGBTI heritage, IHLIA inspires us to make diversity in society visible to everyone.

Lonneke will be speaking on day two of the conference.

IHLIA website: www.ihlia.nl

IHLIA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ihlia

IHLIA Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ihlia

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