Conference programme

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Tuesday 21 June 2016
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Welcome drinks reception at the University of Westminster

Wednesday 22 June 2016
Bishopsgate Institute


Tea & coffee, pastries provided


Jan Pimblett (Principal Development Officer, London Metropolitan Archives) Michelle Johansen (Interpretation Officer, Bishopsgate Institute)













Generating Archival Stories around Same-Sex Marriage in Canada 

Helen Kennedy (Egale, Canada)

Gluck: did she really wear that?

Martin Pel (Curator of Costume and Textile, Brighton Museum, UK)

Queer Photography, the archive and the elasticity of time

Steph Schem Rogerson (Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada)

*Contains Nudity: experiencing the erotic in the queer personal archive

Daniel Laurin (University of Toronto, Canada)

Ken. To be destroyed: photography, a transgender relative and a family archive 

Sara Davidmann (London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London, UK)


Researching, Reimagining and Restaging Lady Malcolm’s Servants’ Balls 1923– 1938: Duckie’s queer performative heritage engagement project

E-J Scott (Historical Dress and Fashion Curator, Duckie, London, UK)


Queer Portrait of a Workhouse

Bird la Bird (artist and performer, London, UK)


Sandwiches provided






META a transnational metadatabase bringing together the diversity of lesbian / feminist archives and libraries

Margit Hauser (Managing Director, STICHWORT: Archives of the Women’s and Lesbian Movements, Vienna, Austria and i.d.a board member)

Describing and developing terminology for multiple identity collections

Rebekah Taylor (Archivist and Special Collections Officer, University for the Creative Arts, UK)

UDC: A Universal Discriminative Classification?

Gregory Toth (Metadata & Discovery Manager, Senate House Library, London, UK)

Overcoming the Barriers: Improving access to LGBT+ Content in Collections

Walter ‘Cat’ Walker (Head Cataloguing Librarian, Loyala Marymount University, Los Angeles CA, USA)





‘Still the books aren’t there’: barriers to provision of LGBTQ* fiction for children and young people in English public libraries

Elizabeth L. Chapman (Department for Education, Childhood and Inclusion, Sheffield Hallam University, UK)

Collaboration, Impact and Inclusion: archiving in a posthuman, cybernetic, informatically queer world

Joseph Hawkins (ONE Archives at USC Libraries, California, USA)

Auto-ethnography as Hiraeth

Onyeka Igwe and JD Stokely (artists and film-makers, London UK and Philadelphia USA)







Documentary Theatrics: I am my own wife’s archival deceptions

Polly J. Thistlethwaite (Professor and Chief Librarian, City University of New York, USA)

Blushing Pavilion: An example of queering and diversifying archives, collections and narratives

Studio Sam Causer, Carlos Maria Romero, Susan Potter (Margate Arts Creativity Heritage, Kent, UK)

‘The map where we meet and other queer stories’: writers as cartographers on the crossroads of change (work in progress)

Rommi Smith (Leeds/London, UK) with Jenni Molloy (double-bassist and composer, recorded contribution) and Juliet Ellis (director)




Thursday 23 June 2016
University of Westminster

Registration 8:45-9:15


Welcome 9:15-9:30



Simon Avery and Katherine M. Graham

(Queer London Research Forum, University of Westminster, London, UK)


Keynote I


One Librarian, Many Communities: Access and Practice On Documenting Black Lesbians of New York City

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz (Assistant Professor and Head of Reference, Graduate Center, Library, CUNY,  New York, USA)




Heritage I

Queer pasts in the LGBT present: archives, outreach andpublic history in the UK

Matt Cook (Professor of Modern History, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK)

Pride of Place: Crowdsourcing Queer Heritage

Justin Bengry (Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK)

“But that’s alright now, isnt it?”: Changing Attitudes and Policies in LGBTQ Heritage Management in Britain

Alison Oram (Professor of Social and Cultural History, Leeds Beckett University, UK)






Fighting Proud – Gay Mens Lives in the Two World Wars

Stephen Bourne (Writer, film and social historian, London, UK)

Antimonolithic research: transcending barriers between “East and “Westin the history of sexuality

Kate Davison (University of Melbourne, Australian Lesbian & Gay Archives)

QueeR code: accessing LGBT archives of WW2 through the skin

Isabelle Sentis (Memoires en chantier, Concarneau, France)

Queer Women in WWII England

Josie Daw (Graduate Student, University of Cambridge, UK)




Media I

Queer in your ear: LGBT Radio in the archives

Matthew Linfoot (Principal Lecturer and Course Leader, BA in Radio Production, University of Westminster, UK)

The Missing Colors of the Rainbow—Black Queer Resistance

Elena Kiesling (Graduate student, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany)

‘Trans Guys are Hot’: Self-determination, language and representation of trans male identities

Tom of Tottenham (Filmmaker, producer, artist and performer, London UK/ Stockholm, Sweden)

e II

rans* History in the Raw: Highlights from the Transgender Archives

Prof. Aaron Devor (Chair in Transgender Studies, University of Victoria, Canada)







Recreating Heritage to Enrich Histories: The AIDS History Digital Scrapbook Project

Manon Parry and Hugo Schalkwijk (University of Amsterdam / Museums, Medicine & Society, Netherlands)

Queering the Collections: An introduction to a recent project of IHLIA, Amsterdam

Lonneke van den Hoonaard (Managing Director, IHLIA, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Exhibition TRANSMISSION Amsterdam Museum: Representing Amsterdam

Annemarie den Dekker and Mirjam Sneeuwloper (Amsterdam Museum)





Researching LGBTQ Histories and Cultures in Portugal

António Fernando Cascais (Queer Lisbon International Film Festival and New University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Twilight People: Stories of Faith & Gender Beyond the Binary

Surat-Shaan Rathgeber Knan (Activist & campaigner, Liberal Judasim UK, London)

Gendered Intelligence hacks into the Museum: a collaborative exploration of the material culture of gender diversity at the Science Museum, London

Kayte McSweeney (British Museum) and Jay Stewart (Co-founder of Gendered Intelligence, London, UK)






Is Bigger Better? Mainstream Research Collections, LGBTQ History, and the Case of Samuel Steward

D. Grant Campbell (University of Ontario, Canada) and Scott Cowan (Librarian, University of Windsor, Canada)

Respecting the Artist’s Wishes: Descriptions of Identity in Museums

Tara Hart (Archives Manager, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA)

Discovering LGBTQ History at The National Archives: Breaking down the barriers

Victoria Iglikowski (Reader Advisor specialising in Diverse Histories, The National Archives, London, UK)

IN THE LIFE Online Overcoming Digital Access Barriers

Todd Wiener (Motion Picture Archivist, UCLA Film & Television Archive, Los Angeles, USA)




Methodology I

Black LGBT Heritage and Community

Antoine Rogers (Associate Professor in Sociology, London South Bank University, UK)

On Using and Being Used: The Masochist in the Library

Melissa Adler (Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky School of Information Science, USA)


Heritage II

Excavating LGBTQ+ voices throughout the National Trust

Sean Curran (PhD candidate, UCL Institute of Education) and Rachael Lennon (The National Trust, UK)

How a grassroots campaign made a gay pub the UK’s first queer listed building

Ben Walters (RVT Future and PhD candidate, Queen Mary University of London, UK)


Media II

What was life like for gay women living in California in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s?

Marie Cartier (Scholar, visual/performance artist, queer activist, poet and theologian, California, USA)

Rewind Fast Forward: Sandi Hughes’ history of the Liverpool scene, 1975-2005

Sandi Hughes (filmmaker, DJ and poet) and Tim Brunsden (Co-director, Re-Dock, Liverpool, UK)






Other Stories at the Leeds University Art Collection

Matt Smith (Hybrid artist, curator and historian, UK)

Refugee Voices, Refugee Narratives: Civic Engagement, LGBTQ+ Communities and the UEL Archives

Paul Dudman (Archivist, University of East London, UK)




Navigate the hierarchies: enabling research into queer black subjects in the UK, 1930s-1990s: roundtable

Gemma Romain (historian and co-founder and curator of Queer Black Spaces, London), Tamsin Bookey (Heritage Manager, Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives, London),  Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski (archivist & artist, London)



Methodology II





Understanding Homoromantic Relationships between Homosexual Men Married to Women in Odisha, India

Jayaprakash Mishra (PhD candidate, Cultural studies, Department of Liberal Arts, IIT, Hyderabad, India)

Archival Dirt: The Politics of Pleasure in Black Queer Archives

Ajamu (Fine art photographer, curator, co-founder of rukus! Federation Black LGBT Archive, London, UK)

Special evening screening and Q&A
Reel in the Closet
Film-maker Stu Maddux and Marjorie Bryer (The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, USA)


Friday 24 June 2016
London Metropolitan Archives





Plenary 1

Ordinary Lesbians and Special Collections: A case study of the June Mazer lesbian archives at UCLA

Ann Cvetkovich, University of Texas at Austin, USA

“Archiving an Icon: GALA’s Simon Nkoli Collection”

Linda Chernis, Archivist at GALA (Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action), Johannesburg, South Africa





Challenges for small repositories: roundtable

Legacy, Trust, and Legitimacy: Challenges in Developing and Promoting LGBTQ Collections in Small Repositories, a roundtable discussion

Deborah A. Richards (Special Collections Archivist, Mount Holyoke College, MA), Nancy Liliana Godoy-Powell (Archivist & Librarian, Chicano/a Research Collection, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ), Linda J. Long (Manuscripts Librarian, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR), Cathleen Miller (Curator, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, ME), Alison Stankrauff (Archivist and Associate Librarian, Indiana University, South Bend, IN), Kelly Anderson (Oral Historian and Lecturer, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College)




Archives in focus

Tracking LGBT Liberation in Canada

Constance Crompton (UBC), Michelle Schwartz (Ryerson), Don McLeod (Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives)

The last case of George Cecil Ives, 1867 1950

Jez Dolan (artist, Manchester, UK)

Ray Gosling in boxes

Clare Tebbutt (Research Assistant, Nottingham Trent University, UK)



Developing a community archive

Queer stories: Oral and written stories about queer lives in Norway

Runar Jordåen (Historian and Project Manager, Skeivt arkiv) & Tone Hellesund (University of Bergen, Norway)

Cork LGBT Digital Archive

Orla Egan (University College Cork, Eire)

Establishing a Hungarian Lesbian Herstory Archive

Anna Borgos (Labrisz Lesbian Association, Budapest, Hungary)



Plenary 2

Not in the textbook: Training professionals for inclusivity

Amy K. Levin (Professor, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, USA)

Soft objects, hard borders: Collecting and displaying Australian AIDS memorial quilts

Vu Tuan Nguyen (PhD candidate in Museum Studies, University of Sydney, Australia)









Who Do Archives Think They Are?: Implicit Rules for Archival Encounters

Victoria Hoyle (archivist and PhD candidate, Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past, University of York, UK)

The Ontology of LGBTQ People of Colour

Lee Thorpe, Jr. (Scholarly Programme Outreach Co-ordinator—US, Sexuality Studies Association, NYC, USA)

Older Lesbians: Claiming a Space in the Archive

Jane Traies (Researcher, University of Sussex, UK)



Reflections on collecting: roundtable

This moment in collecting: reflections on generations of LGBTQ collecting in the USA

Brenda Marston (Curator, Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University),  Gerard Koskovich (historian and co-founder of the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco), Lisa Vecoli (Curator, Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies, University of Minnesota Libraries) and Jennifer Gotwals (Lead Archivist, Schlesinger Library, Harvard University)







Opening up LGBT content in museums

The Molly Spoon Archive Expanding LGBTQ Engagement in Museum Collections and Narratives

Tim Redfern (Freelance Consultant, UK)

Accessing the Inaccessible? How National Museums Liverpool is uncovering their LGBTQ Collections

Matt Exley (Researcher & Education Demonstrator, Museum of Liverpool, UK)

Out in the museum: LGBT History at the V&A

Dawn Hoskin & Zorian Clayton (co-chairs of the LGBTQ Working Group, V&A Museum, London, UK)

Exhibiting LGBTQ+ History at the British Museum

Stuart Frost (Head of Interpretation) and Laura Phillips (Head of Community Partnerships, British Museum, London)

The British Museum: LGBT Project with Camden Secondary Students

Melany Rose (Education Manager, Schools and Young Audiences, British Museum, London, UK)


LUNCH —  sandwiches provided — Speak Out! exhibition, plus stalls and pop-up activities


Plenary 3
3:00 –3:40

Migrating archives

E.G Crichton (artist-in-residence, GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco, USA)

Queer Beograd Collective: preparing the ground for a movement

Jet Moon (Director, Border Fuckers Cabaret, Serbia)







Intersections: grassroots and professional

Border-crossing: Big Organisations and Small Working Together

Graham Willett (President, Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives)

The Emergence, Development and Survival of Four Lesbian and Gay Archives

Rebecka Sheffield (Executive Director / Archives Manager, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives )

The Mazer collection: Grassroots Questions for an Institutional archive (UCLA)

Angela Brinskele (June Mazer Lesbian Archives, LA) and Sharon E. Farb (UCLA Library, California, USA)

Black Lesbians in the 1980s-2000s at the Lesbian Herstory Archives & the birthing of Black Lesbian DIY Fest

Sherley C. Olopherne (Black Lesbian DIY Fest, NYC, USA)




Emerging projects

The New Homosaurus: Building a Global, More Bisexual & Transgender Inclusive LGBT Thesaurus

Jack van der Wel (Head, Collections & Information Services, IHLIA-Homodok, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The Rainbow Library at Umea City Library and the Swedish Network for LGBTQ Issues at Libraries

Christer Edeholt  (Umeå City Library, Sweden)

The Forum Homosexualist Munchen

Albert Knoll and Christine Schäfer (Forum Homosexualität München e.V., Germany)

Kentucky LGBT Heritage Initiative

Chris Hartman (Director, The Kentucky LGBT Heritage Initiative, USA)




Archives Activism: An Army of Lovers

M. Wright and Kate Jarboe (AK/OK artist & design collective, Austin, TX, USA)

From lesbian activism to archive and memory activism: reflection on a generation

Hannah Safran (Haifa Feminist Institute at Isha L’Isha Haifa Feminist Centre, Israel)

Herstory Belongs To Everybody or The Miracle: A Queer Mobile Memory Project

Kelly Besser (UCLA Special Collections, USA)


Final words