Speaker spotlight: Helen Kennedy

Generating Archival Stories around Same-Sex Marriage in Canada 

Helen Kennedy is a Canadian politician and social activist. Born in Ireland, Helen moved to Canada as a young adult and became involved in campaigning for workplace safety and equality through her work as editor of the Industrial Accident Prevention Association magazine. In 1985, she was hired by the Ontario New Democratic Party and served the party for fourteen years in opposition and government. During that time, Helen founded the East York Tenants’ Association, which lobbied for rent controls and tenant rights. She also established Citizens for Access, an awareness campaign to open up public buildings to people with disabilities. Today Helen is executive director of Egale Canada Human Rights Trust (ECHRT). ECHRT was founded in 1986 and is Canada’s only national charity promoting LGBTQ+ human rights through research, education and community engagement. ECHRT aims to create a world free of all forms of discrimination. Helen will address the international theme of ALMS 2016 by sharing details of her work to ensure the experience of same-sex marriage in Canada has a meaningful archival presence.

Helen is speaking on day 1 of the conference

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