Speakers spotlight: Albert Knoll and Christine Schäfer

The History of Munich Gays and Lesbians needs to be preserved

“We will take you on the long way of gay and lesbian history from the foundation of the Munich branch of “Wissenschaftlich humanitäres Komitee” in 1902 and of the activities of Anita Augspurg at the same time. The journey through time will go along the Nazi-persecution to the growth of the gay and lesbian movement in the postwar-period, the first pride parade in 1980, to the development of the Rosa Liste, the first gay-lesbian political party in Germany and finally to the actual progress of the Munich scene. We give an insight in our wide collection of documents and photographs. We also introduce you into the various activities of the Forum homosexuality and of the increase of our archives and the website.”



Albert Knoll

Albert Knoll, born in 1958, is an archivist of the Dachau concentration camp memorial site. In 1999 he founded the forum homosexualität in Munich and acts as its chairman. He leads gay tours through the city, manages the finances, does interviews and publishes scientific articles.

Christine Schäfer

Christine Schäfer, born 1944, is a teacher, feminist culture worker and history researcher. In 2000 she set up the first lesbian group in the forum homosexualität, and is chairwoman since. Additionally she organizes lectures, interviews lesbian women of contemporary history, writes about it and leads tours about lesbian life in Munich.

munchenForum homosexualität münchen e.v. – Lesben und Schwule in Geschichte und Kultur promotes research and documentation of lesbian, gay and transsexual life. It is supported by the Culture Department of the City of Munich. We organize events where we interview lesbian and gay people about their life and coming out experiences, lectures, exhibitions and city tours about lesbian and gay life in Munich. The Forum is a meeting point for LGBTIQ people of all generations. We have a gay and lesbian archive and collect estates from people of Munich and the surrounding area. Our archives and library are open to scientific research.

Website: www.forummuenchen.org

Albert and Christine will be speaking on day 3 of the conference

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