Speaker spotlight: Dr Antoine J Rogers

Interactive Digital Technology to Develop Network Culture: Using Archival material to create a Black Queer Pop-up Academy

black gay mens conferenceThe presentation presents a new approach in digital platform design. The purpose is to use archival material and interactive digital platform features to facilitate engagement by and between participants of a Black LGBTQI virtual network. The approach will integrate selected archival material into a digital platform. The platform will feature selected interactive components that specially aim to encourage and to facilitate greater engagement by Black LGBTQI people with selected archival material. Feedback generated as a result of engagement with selected archives will inform and influence the development of a series of Black Queer Pop-up events. Feedback and ideas generated as part of Black Queer Pop-up events will further facilitate the development and creation of a Black Queer Pop-up Academy; a three day event that will feature a range of elements including but not limited to: Black LGBTQI archival research workshops; artistic exhibitions; performances; academic papers and discussions and key note speakers.

Dr Antoine J Rogers 

Dr Antoine Rogers is an Associate Professor at London South Bank University. His main areas of expertise include the role of the voluntary sector in a civil society, Black sexuality; and qualitative research methods. His research also explores identity formation in relation to national and local identity. Antoine’s current research activities focus on the role in which Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) organizations play in identity formation and the development of community aspirations with elements of intersectionality; a critical reflection and awareness of the intersection of race class and national identity; at the core of this research.

Antoine will be speaking on day 2 of the conference

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