Speaker spotlight: Dawn Hoskin & Zorian Clayton

Out in the museum: LGBT history at the V&A


“The co-chairs of the LGBTQ Working Group at the V&A will give a short presentation on their work and achievements at the Museum over the past 4 years. This includes the identification, research, interpretation, cataloguing, presentation and discussion of LGBTQ histories and stories in relation to museum objects, museum visitors and the V&A itself.

Considering the variety of approaches possible for increasing (and embedding) LGBTQ visibility and accessibility, they will present on: the implementation of cataloguing terms (from androgyne to queer!); securing a dedicated LGBTQ hub and blog on the V&A website; a current project concerning LGBTQ museum labels; and the wide range of public programming they have organised from small talks to the hugely successful ‘Queer and Now’ Friday Late.

They will highlight recent discoveries in the collections (including sketchbooks of Philippe Jullian) and also discuss fostering links with other institutions, academics, artists and visitors from across the country and further afield.”

The LGBTQ Working Group, V&A Museum, London

The LGBTQ Working Group was set up at the V&A in 2006. The group aims to facilitate understanding of LGBTQ identities and histories within the context of the museum’s activities. We work to highlight issues of gender, sexuality and identity with the V&A collections through research, public programming, discussion and debate.

We also look at the ways in which visitors themselves interpret and make sense of museum objects on the basis of their own identities and lived experience.


As the world’s leading museum of art and design, the V&A enriches people’s lives by promoting the practice of design and increasing knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the designed world. The collections span two thousand years of art in virtually every medium. Its founding principle was to make works of art available to all, to educate working people and to inspire British designers and manufacturers.

Profits from the 1851 Great Exhibition were used to establish the Museum of Manufactures, as it was initially known, before it transformed into the South Kensington Museum in 1857, becoming the V&A in 1899.

Website: www.vam.ac.uk/LGBTQ

Dawn and Zorian will be speaking on day 3 of the conference

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