Speaker spotlight: António Fernando Cascais

AFC - António_Fernando_Cascais _ALMS_Without_BordersResearching LGBTQ Histories and Cultures in Portugal

“An ongoing preliminary research in Portuguese archives, libraries, museums and private collections has been revealing an extremely rich heritage concerning LGBTQ histories and cultures that were buried under centuries of devious silencing, ill-intended neglect and biased misunderstang, and consequently thought to be simply non-existent or mere irrelevant “historical detail”. However, historiography cannot avoid to address a few extremely relevant issues arising from such research. It must keenly revise academic epistemological biases that are compliant with negationism and downplaying, and endeavour to translate to Portuguese historical realities, and whenever necessary rethink, the conceptual grids of inquiry that stem from different foreign historical contexts and are often applied without critical exam to the Portuguese context, all the while striving to make it intelligible and relevant to international scholarship unfamiliar with it.”

António Fernando Cascais

António Fernando Cascais is a team member of the of Queer Lisbon International Film Festival. He is a PhD. in Communication Sciences and a professor at the New University of Lisbon. He edited several issues of Journal of Communication and Languages and, among others, the books: Queer Film and Culture (2014), Indisciplining theory. Gay, Lesbian and Queer Studies ( 2004) and AIDS by a Thread (1997). Published over one hundred scientific essays on the mediation of knowledge, the visual culture of medicine, foucauldian studies, philosophy of technology, gender and queer studies, biopolitics and bioethics.

Queer Lisbon International Film Festival and New University of Lisbon

Queer Lisbon – International Queer Film Festival is the first Portuguese Film Festival is organized by the Rear Window Cultural Association and is dedicated exclusively to screening gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual themed films, a genre known as Queer Cinema. Queer Lisboa was created in 1997 and is Lisbon’s oldest film festival. Through the years the festival consolidated its reputation internationally and at this moment it is one of the most recognized festivals of its genre in an European level and worldwide, for the quality of its programming and activities as well as the guests that it attracts.

António will be speaking on day 2 of the conference

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