Speakers spotlight: Annemarie den Dekker & Mirjam Sneeuwloper

Representation and identity in the Amsterdam Museum, in dialog with communities

Caro Bonink Amsterdam Museum

Caro Bonink Amsterdam Museum

“Illustrated by the project Transmission (subject transgender) we talk about representation and identity in the Amsterdam Museum. Transmission (2015-2016) is the first in a series of exhibitions and events under the heading Meet Amsterdam.

With Meet Amsterdam, the museum offers a platform to people, who are not often represented in museums– in this case transgender communities. We closely work with a wide range of Amsterdam citizens, inviting them to tell their story to a broad public, assisting them (and vice versa) in finding the proper form and tone to reach.

And so issues of representation and identity do not only play out on the exhibition floor, but also in discussions about gender neutral toilets.And while the exhibition is on display we invited others to tell their story about (trans)gender. The exhibition grows and develops. Its objective is to stimulate discussion about ideas regarding the subject transgender and to make visitors think about their preconceptions.”

Annemarie den Dekker

APortret conservator, Amsterdam Museum, BijbelsMuseum, 29-06-2015nnemarie den Dekker is head of the curatorial staff of the Amsterdam Museum. She has been responsible for major exhibitions and worked on different outreach projects, like My Headscarf and Mix Match Museum. In addition, she is a board member of the Amsterdam Castle and board member in the Art & Culture commission of Gay Pride Amsterdam.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annemarie-den-dekker-23108735 

Mirjam Sneeuwloper

MS - M Sneeuwloper 2016

Mirjam Sneeuwloper works at the educational department of the Amsterdam Museum. She has been involved in several community and innovation projects, like Holy?!, Voices of Tolerance and Meet Amsterdam – Transmission. Next to that she is responsible for the museum’s educational programs for primary and secondary schools.

LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/mirjamsneeuwloper





The Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum is a city museum within Amsterdam. A city with a diverse populatioAD & MS - the boy-girl shirt Transmission Amsterdam Museumn, renowned for its tolerance. We offer an overview of the history of Amsterdam, a children’s museum and have major exhibitions about from The Golden Age and urban subjects like Graffiti. For several years, we have been working on representing this dynamic and diverse city by collecting present-day objects, and with a wide range of outreach- and community projects. During the past few years, we have learned from experience and improved on our methods of collaboration with, and representation of, (urban) communities.

Annemarie and Mirjam will be speaking on day 2 of the conference

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