Roundtable: This Moment of Collecting in the USA: Identifying and Addressing Gaps in the Archives

This Moment of Collecting in the USA: Identifying and Addressing Gaps in the Archives

“LGBTQ archives in all forms are expanding narratives and adding missing voices to mainstream representations of history. Even so, their holdings continue to reveal gaps that perpetuate the invisibility of parts of the LGBTQ experience. What generations, experiences, cultures and topics particularly need archivists’ attention now?

How well have we documented sexual and gender diversity before the mid-20th century? How well do our collections reflect homophile movements, second-wave feminism, gay liberation, AIDS and queer activism, communities of color, bisexual and transgender experiences? How well do we represent diversity of geography and social class, physical ability and other factors? What are we missing? What might remain missing and what can we do in such cases?

Speakers from academic and community-based collections across the United States will take these questions as a starting point for discussing ongoing efforts to make visible and interrogate gaps in the archives. In addition, they’ll look at ways to address those gaps through innovative approaches to community involvement, collections development, programming and exhibition.

Documenting LGBTQ lives and cultures has long involved a dialogue among queer and trans individuals, their social networks and allies, independent scholars, academics, community institutions and traditional archival repositories. We welcome all who attend to join the discussion about approaches to building wide-ranging and critically positioned LGBTQ archival collections.”

The roundtable will consist of Jennifer Gotwals, Gerard Koskovich, Brenda Marston and Lisa Vecoli. Speaker spotlights will be appearing on the blog over the next few weeks

The roundtable will take place on day 3 of the conference


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