Speaker spotlight: Steph Schem Rogerson

schemQueer Photography, the Archive and the Elasticity of Time

“Time is investigated as functioning beyond chronological spaces of eras, time periods and historical moments, in order to expand on nuances of queerness, the archive and photography. By questioning traditional historiographic practices, representation is evaluated beyond constraints of truth to flesh out how fragmentation, temporality and elasticity are vital to queer discourse. This research explores historical queer photographs with the express interest of examining durational elasticity, which builds on concepts of queer time by Judith Halberstam and the notion of orientation as elaborated on by Sara Ahmed.”

Steph Schem Rogerson

Steph has a PhD from the joint graduate program Communication and Culture at Ryerson/York Universities in Toronto. Her research focused on 19th century photography, representation and affect theory. She has published in both academic and art periodicals, and co-curated the exhibition Rare & Raw with Kelly McCray at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City.

Steph’s academic profile: https://ryerson.academia.edu/SRogerson

Steph will be speaking on day 1 of the conference

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