Speaker spotlight: Lee Thorpe Jr

The Ontology of LGBTQ People of Color

“My submission for the conference will explore how language and culture affect identity formation and politics for LGBTQ people of color. In any given society, people come to an understanding of their identities through the deployment of language and the naturalization, and normalization, process of its usage. Yet when a person is outside the norms of society, how are language and experiences used to legitimize a person’s understanding of their self? I would argue that for LGBTQ people of color language and everyday experiences are used as ways to gain an understanding of who they are both in the LGBTQ community, as well as, within their own racial/ethnic communities.”

Lee Thorpe Jr

Lee Thorpe, Jr. earned his Master of Arts in Humanities and Social Thought, with a concentration in Gender Politics, from New York University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with concentrations in Race and Ethnic Relations, and, Gender and Sexuality Studies, from Stony Brook University. His research interests include sexualities, gender, race and ethnicity, culture and theory. Currently, Lee is the Scholarly Program Outreach Coordinator – US for the Sexuality Studies Association and a sexual health educator.

Lee will be speaking on day 3 of the conference

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