Speaker spotlight: Dr. Elena Kiesling

The Missing Colors of the Rainbow – Black Queer Resistance

“The shootings of black men, the beatings of black women, and the murders of black trans women stand in sharp contrast to the presumably progressive gains of an LGBT movement which more than once claimed that ‘gay is the new black’. This is not only a dangerously wrong analogy, it also leads to a discourse that draws a clear boundary between two separate communities and movements—one black, one queer—placing the former clearly on the margins of a society that happily embraces the latter. Through an assemblage of reading and writing practices—from critical race studies, queer of color critique, woman of color feminism, and visual cultural studies—this paper engages in a variety of critical perspectives rather than finding safety in single-issue approaches which ignore the multi-faceted nature of social struggle outside of the hetero- and homonormative hegemonic framework.”

Dr Elena Kiesling

I am an independent researcher, lecturer, a semi-professional athlete, and full-time volleyball coach. After my PhD in American Studies, I continue my research at the intersection of queer studies, critical race studies, and transnational cultural studies while trying to teach young kids how to become world-class athletes. The queer art of my life influences much of my creative engagement with difference . My aim is to challenge established notions about normativity and identity in general, and race and sexuality in particular, in order to make room for all the queer voices that are often silenced, yet need to be heard.

Elena will be speaking on day 2 of the conference

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