Speakers spotlight: Margit Hauser

META – a Transnational Meta-Database Bringing Together the Diversity of Lesbian/Feminist Archives and Libraries

“META, a project of i.d.a., the umbrella organisation of women’s and lesbian’s archives and libraries in German-language countries, displays the holdings from 30 feminist and lesbian archives and libraries from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Italy/South Tyrol.

The idea of the bibliographical online catalogue was to bring different data formats together and to thereby create a low-threshold possibility for the participation of small institutions. The presentation will show how META unites diverse document types from archives as well as libraries, in different description formats and coding systems.

As an archivist of the Austrian Archive of the Women’s and the Lesbians’ Movements, STICHWORT, Margit Hauser will briefly elucidate the specific possibilities that participation in this project offers for individual institutions and will illustrate the meaning of this project for the visibility of holdings of Lesbian Herstory.”

Margit Hauser

Margit Hauser has been working as a team member of STICHWORT for more than 27 years. Starting as a volunteer as a student in philosophy and psychology in the late 1980s, she took part in the ongoing process of professionalisation. Since 2002 she is the Mangaging Director and part of a small team of employees and changing volunteers. Furthermore, Margit Hauser a chairwoman of the umbrella organisation of women’s and lesbian’s archives and libraries in German-language countries, i.d.a.


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STICHWORT, founded in 1983, developed out of the women’s movement. STICHWORT collects all kinds of documentation pertaining to the women’s and lesbians’ movements and provides literature from all areas of Women’s and Gender studies, Lesbian and Queer Studies. The current library holdings contain about 16,000 titles, mostly in German and English. — The STICHWORT archives contain a broad range of documents, from primary sources on women’s and lesbian groups in Austria — at the present, about 900 groups are documented from the 1970s onwards — to Austrian and international periodicals to posters, photos, objects, audio and visual material.STICHWORT website: www.stichwort.or.at/english

Margit will be speaking on day 1 of the conference

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