Speaker spotlight: Isabelle Sentis

Queecode: accessing LGBT archives of WW2 through the skin

“The funds dedicated to the women who loved women, cis- and transgender people during WWII in Europe and throughout the world are spread and small.

The QueeR code project create a hybrid digital collection of authentic materials of several natures in order to represent archives that will have never existed because of Nazi destructions among other things. We create a QR code put on a transitory tattoo on the forearm so as to heighten awareness about the importance of knowing our History of World War Two.”

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Isabelle Sentis

Historian, specialized in the field of industrial heritage and European workers, she worked for ten years on the memorial issues related to World War II. She spoke at Europride in Marseille in 2013 during the meeting dedicated to the memory of the homosexual deportation and her speech was published in “LGBT move societies. Cultures and politics of emancipation”. She is a librarian at Pierresvives , city of knowledge bringing together the Departmental Archives , the departmental library and Sport in Montpellier. She is also art-therapist for HIV persons, LGBT people and abused women.

Mémoires en chantier

Mémoires en chantier is an association in the field of industrial heritage and European workers, history of LGBT fight and women movement. We work about material and immaterial patrimoine. We Collaborate with organisations and public institutions by using tools of popular education to help to appropriate the history of the fights of minorities.IS - Logo_Queercode_web

Project website: http://www.queercode.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QueeR-code-1646503238931149/?fref=nf

Isabelle is speaking on day two of the conference.

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